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PHP Secure, Advanced Login System

We all get new ideas every day. With the idea, we build more and more sites. Mostly, the sites would have a login system, right ? So, when we create new projects (sites) every time, we will have to create login systems for each one. I do the same thing and I’m tired of creating the same thing over and over again. So, I decided to create a login system that can be integrated to any PHP powered sites.... [READ MORE]

Create Simple Username Availability Checker Using jQuery & PHP

Many sites have signup pages. Every programmers try to make the signup pages attractive by adding stylish input CSS codes and others. Why not add a stylish username availability checker ? It’s very easy to add and will work on jQuery versions 1.2 and up. I’m also going to tell you how to check if username is available in the server side. Of course it’s PHP. The checking is SQL Injection free too.... [READ MORE]

Create MySQL Injection free Secure Login System in PHP

There were a lot of people who created tutorials to create a PHP Login System. But they were all vulnerable to MySQL Injection. In this post I’m going to demonstrate a login system free of this vulnerability. It is very secure. There are mysqli and PDO in PHP to escape these injections. We are going to use **PDO ( PHP Data Object **). Download Demo UPDATE – logSys There is a new, free, better Advanced Login System which you can check out here.... [READ MORE]

How to execute a PHP PDO prepared statement

PDO – a method used to execute SQL statements risk free. Fast, secure and easy when compared to mysqli and mysql functions in PHP. A lot of newbies including me heard about PDO mostly in the 2010 – 2013 years when a lot of sites got hacked of Mysql Injection. PDO is the easiest and safest way to execute an SQL code, complete risk free. In this post I’m gonna tell you how to execute a prepared statement in PDO and the common mistakes made by programmers which results an error while executing SQL code.... [READ MORE]



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