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Identify Remote OS By IP Address In PHP

In the recent post, I gave the default TTL value of different devices. As you can see, when you ping a host you can roughly identify the operating system the remote server’s running. I saw a question on Stack Overflow about this. Sadly it was down voted and was removed later. I tested if it is possible and I found that it is possible. In this post, I will give a function that automatically pings the remote host and find out the possible Operating Systems the remote server is running.... [READ MORE]

Check If A String Is JSON in PHP

In my previous post, I gave the isHTML function that returns if a string is HTML or not. In this post, I will give you a simple function of different ways that helps in the detection of valid JSON string in PHP. The function I’m giving are fast, easy and doesn’t take up too much CPU memory. Demo Method 1 JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) can be made in to a PHP object using json_decode.... [READ MORE]

Add @mentions To Input Fields – jQuery sMention Plugin

Mentioning persons using **@ **is pretty common on social web sites. Facebook, Google+ and even StackOverflow have the **@mention **feature. They developed it on their own and doesn’t share the code with others. If you are developing a social site, then it’s better to have this mention feature. I wanted this, but the jQuery plugins I found was too big. The first plugin I found was 20 KB ! This made me create a plugin of my own to accomplish my need.... [READ MORE]

Storing JSON object in HTML5 Local Storage : Stringify

This tutorial will help you to store JSON Object in LocalStorage. This method uses a function called stringify. Suppose we have a JSON object like this : var data = {name:’subin’,class:’8A’}; If we want to store this JSON object in Local Storage then use the function below: localStorage[‘info‘]=JSON.stringify(data); That’s it. JSON Object is now stored in your Local Storage. ... [READ MORE]



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