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Google Hangouts Is Down

Again, one of Google’s service is down. This time it’s Google Hangouts also known before ad Google Talk. Google Sheets are down too. The downtime of these services started from 17 March 9:45 PM IST. I noticed the Internal Server Errors when connecting to Google server by Pidgin messenger. I retried again and again, but the problem still poped up. I went to Twitter and found out, I wasn’t the only one that experienced this problem.... [READ MORE]

How to view or Download Google Drive files on your site

Many of you wanted to show images, videos etc… on your site which is uploaded on your Google Drive. The link of the file will not be the same at all times due to security reasons.  So Google provides another method to show or download a file. For this method you need to get the file id. For that open your file.  Look at the url box of your browser.... [READ MORE]



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