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Disable Cache For Web Development In Chrome

If you’re developing a web page in Chrome and some changes you applied to code doesn’t take effect on the page, you will be angry. You will look and look into the code for errors. But it’s not the problem with your code. It’s the problem with the browser. The resources loaded on the page are cached. Hence the changes made to the code won’t be applied. So, you need some way to disable the cache.... [READ MORE]

10 Songs for Making Programming Better

When I am coding my site Open or my blog, I hear a lot of songs along with coding. It makes me energetic and will help calm me down when an error occurs. The error probably will be a simple mistake but causes a lot of time to solve it. To calm me down I will play a song and BINGO ! I fixed the error. Here are the songs that make my coding easier and refreshes my mind.... [READ MORE]



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