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New Theme : Light, Simple & Fast

As you can see, I changed the theme of this blog with a new theme. If you have visited, you can see there are similarities to it’s theme and mine. I really liked Chris Coyer’s theme and I contacted him to lend me the theme. But, no response. So, I decided that I should create my own theme. By WordPress Support forum, I found _s site. Underscores provide a starter theme for WordPress.... [READ MORE]

How To Change The Browser URL Without Refreshing Page – HTML5

This post was suggested by Sumit Kumar Pradhan. I recently saw many questions like this on Stack Overflow. Let me start explaining, there is already a function in JavaScript to do this special task. The function is window.history.replaceState. It’s a simple function that needs 3 values. This is actually a HTML5 function that came out on July 2012 (I think). All the latest browsers support the new function except IE 9. Download Demo Here is a small example of the usage of window.... [READ MORE]



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