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19 Years Of Revolving Around The Sun

Writing this at CUSAT MakeATon Hackathon. Part of the revolving around series : 18 years of revolving around the sun 17 years of revolving around the sun age = 18 age = age + 1 I have officially revolved around the sun 19 times. 19 years of existence. This is the beginning of my last teenage year. I feel old. A tagline that I've been using these days is "A 21st century teen".


18 Years Of Revolving Around The Sun

I'm legally an adult now. I have successfully revolved around the sun 18 times. Yay ! This post is dedicated to the future me who will be having nostalgic feelings reading this. Hey there, future me ! Coding Lobby was a mistake. I think I've wasted my 2 years in developing it. I was too ambitious. But I gained a lot of experience. This was the first time that I got into cross-compiling, virtual environments, Android development, etc.


17 Years Of Revolving Around The Sun

Sweet 17 ! The age in between an adult and juvenile. I’m going to take a relook at my 16th year. Coding Lobby 1.0 was released. That was a trough one. Francium logSys 0.7 was released Updates to Francium voice Release of Francium Diffsocket & Francium Star Many more contributions to FOSS I could have done more if there was less school. I also got into Android programming and released my first app Lobby.



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