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Auto Login Without Form in phpMyAdmin

If you’re using **phpMyAdmin **(PMA), you know that every time you use the application, you have to log in and when the cookie expires, you have to log in again. It’s an annoying thing to log in every time for a developer who needs to do work fast. There is a way to stop this annoying thing. It’s by disabling the login form and auto login when you visit phpMyAdmin.... [READ MORE]

Define Array as Value of Constants in PHP

Constants are something that is needed for every computer languages. In PHP, too you can set constants. But you can only set string values which is a pity, because if you want to set arrays for making it easy for obtaining multiple values, you can’t do it. In this case, we explore the unimaginable possibilities of programming languages. As like any other language, PHP too has a secret weapon to accomplish this task.... [READ MORE]



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