Create HTML Chess Game With jQuery

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We all love to play Chess, the most fascinating game that absolutely needs good thinking powers. You know that, comparing a human to a computer logically and arithmetically, computer has the superior power. So, certainly if you play a chess game with computer as opponent, a 90% chance is for the computer to be the winner. But, it is not sure.

It was actually in C language by Oscar Toledo Gutiérrez, who created chess game program in less than 2 KB. Since, it’s C, compiling is necessary. But, who have time for that. Let’s make it in the web.

We only need jQuery and a plugin I created for making the game. You can see the plugin code here and the minified version here.

The first thing you need to do is make a HTML file and select the element where you want to add the game into :

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<script src="//"></script>
		<script src="//"></script>
		<div id="content">
			<h2>jQuery Chess Game</h2>
			<div id="game"></div>
		<!-- -->

We are loading the latest jQuery version and the minified version of the plugin.

Now, we tell the plugin to make the game in the #game element :


Insert the above code in a