How to remove keyring password dialog in All Ubuntu versions

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You will be getting a keyring unlocker dialog to type your password to unlock the keyrings such as:

  • Password you stored in Web Browsers (Google Chrome, Chromium)
  • Passwords stored in Chat and Mail Applications (Empathy, Pidgin, Evolution)
  • and other passwords

This passwords should be unlocked each time you login but won’t automatically unlock when you login. To automatically unlock you can do as follows:
Open Terminal (CTRL + ALT + T) and do the following command:


You will get the Passwords & Encryption Keys window :

Right click on the folder Password: default and choose Change Password :

Type the old password you used to unlock the keyring and leave the other two fields empty and click on OK button.

You will be asked to keep passwords unencrypted :

Click on Use Unsafe Storage and it’s done. The dialog won’t be seen again after you login.
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