How to change/set background image of GRUB bootscreen

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You might have heard of background image in GRUB boot screen. You can change the ugly black background of GRUB using a few little steps.

1 – Press ALT + F2. Type this in the input box of the window.

gksu gedit /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme

and press Enter Key.

The program will ask for your password. After typing the password and pressed the Enter Key a gedit window will appear. Press CTRL + F and search for WALLPAPER= after you found the word copy the location where your background image is and pate the location in quotes after the "=" like in the image shown below.
After editing the file press CTRL + S. After Saving the file press ALT + F2 again. This time type : 

gksu update-grub

and press Enter Key. A Terminal window appears and will close after some time. Reboot your computer and you will see your new Background Image.
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