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To keep my site and projects up and running, there are costs. As a full-time college student, I work on projects in my free time.

So, please consider a donation for my future projects and the maintenance of all my sites & projects.

If you would like to mention your website or a message to display on this page, please send them to me after donation. Every donation will be publicly mentioned here, if you'd like not to, please do contact after.


You can send Indian UPI payments to [email protected] (no transaction fees).


You can send PayPal payments to subins2000 [at] gmail [dot] com (PayPal fees applicable) :


If you would like to support me with recurring payments, I'm on Liberapay. Liberapay is like Patreon.


Thank you very much to all the people who have supported me, this site and projects through donations. 🙂 ❤️❤️


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2020/08/25 Fletcher Amelioration 10 USD
2019/03/07 Clyde Summers 50 GBP
2019/03/07 Christine Mann 10 USD
2017/02/18 Yves Monsel 5 EUR
2017/02/14 David Clifford 10 USD
2017/02/9 José María Montabes 3 USD
2017/02/01 Guidi Egnon 20 EUR
2017/01/05 Bruce Robertson 25 USD
2016/12/31 Alexander Jankuv 5 USD
2016/09/01 Sang Ho 5 USD
2016/07/05 Aristide Sere 4 USD
2016/07/02 Oscar Cosimo 10 USD
2016/06/22 Joshua Anderson 100 USD
2016/01/10 Oscar Cosimo 10 USD
2015/09/19 Thomas Haberland 30 USD
2015/09/12 Templaty 10 USD
2015/07/12 Milton Taft 50 USD
2015/06/08 Piotr Mrzygłowski 1 USD
2015/04/20 Omega4 10 USD
2015/02/26 Brian Brock 30 USD
2014/06/14 Brazil365 5 USD
2014/05/20 David Moore 20 USD
2014/05/09 Lev Lazinskiy 20 USD
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