$cur_year = date("Y"); // A basic knowledge of PHP is required for you to understand this
$age = $cur_year - 2000; // Forget the month and the date

Hi all,

I am (Subin Siby) a programmer who loves coding. My favorite programming languages are Python and PHP mostly because it’s simple and powerful. I was born on 20th January 2000 (Yes, I am a 21st century kid). I am currently $age years old and living in Kerala, India. This blog was created for enlightening the programmers, bloggers, computer enthusiasts around the world. Actually, I created this blog just for fun and this was the first blog I ever created. I created this blog on January 2011 with my brother (Simrin Siby) and my neighbor and good friend Simraj Ks.

I bought the domain subinsb.com on September 2013 after constant begging to my mom for giving me some money. This blog was on Blogger until October 2013 when I moved it to WordPress. The Free hosting is provided by OpenShift and It has been smooth and great journey from then. I love WordPress and I have forever thanks to Redhat’s OpenShift Cloud Platform.

I started programming in 2011 when I was **11 **years old. Now I’m $age and my brain is still evolving. I’m a big fan of Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds. I’m an Open Source supporter and I like everything to be free and not trapped in a cage. Hence I prefer Open Source than Proprietary softwares.

But, to make revenue or profit, Open Source can’t do it. What these Open Source developers can do is ask for donations which I have done. So, If you found any of my projects or posts helpful, please consider donating. There are some AWESOME people who donated and I thank them with all of my heart. You can see those great people here.

I hope my blog gave you some kind of help. If you have anything to say to me, just post it on the comments or mail directly to me by the address mail[at]subinsb[dot]com. If you have any questions, you can give them @ the Ask page and if it is about a project on this blog, comment on its respective post.

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