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Create a free .tk domain website with free hosting by AppFog

DEMO This free .tk domain is made available by a company called Dot TK and the free hosting is provided by AppFog. Create free hosting for site Go to AppFog Signup page Fill up the form and click Signup. Go to Create an app Choose an application: Choose a infrastructure and a subdomain (I use HP): After filling up form, click on Create App. You will be automatically redirected to the app panel.... [READ MORE]

Vishnu – I will never forget you.

He was a closest friend of mine. He always told other people about me. He was so so nice to me. I am very sad. I don’t know what to say. Just Sad. Very Sad. I saw his face and it melted my heart. He may have died But he will always be in my heart.Vishnu Vijayan You will always be in my heart forever. I will not forget you.... [READ MORE]

DNS Changer Trogan Virus: Thousands of Computers lose internet connection today

From today on wards about 3 lakh of computers will lose their internet connection. The computers will become offline. This is because of a Trogan Virus named DNS Changer. What Does DNSChanger Do to My Computer? DNSChanger malware causes a computer to use rogue DNS servers in one of two ways. First, it changes the computer’s DNS server settings to replace the ISP’s good DNS servers with rogue DNS servers operated by the criminal.... [READ MORE]


I just bought a MAXX MX151. It’s a good phone. It’s like other MAXX and Karbonn type mobiles. You can’t install a app on it. Features Digital Camera 1.8″(4.6cm) TFT Display Bluetooth MP4 Player 3.5mm Audio Jack LED Torch Upto 4 GB MMC Support. Maxx Arena This phone contains good apps. But the only problem is that you can’t install any new applications. It’s not a touch phone. But it’s a good phone at a good price.... [READ MORE]


Yesterday(4 May 2012) I posted a post about Keith Haring because of his birthday. Google changed their homepage logo. The internet was celebrating Keith Haring’s birthday. A lot of people came to this blog yesterday. I want to thank the people who came yesterday to this blog. Thank you Visitors. Here are the pics of the stats yesterday.About 200 people saw the post. The image shown on left side shows the number of views yesterday and today.... [READ MORE]



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