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Getting IP Address of Your Friend Through Chat

It’s awesome to get into the depth of the network, especially when it’s the internet. An IP address can get you to a person far away from your home. It will make you mind blown when you dig deeper into the internet network. As you may have read, netstat -an command gave you the IP address of user through Facebook chat. But, this works no more. But, there are still ways to do this.... [READ MORE]

Encryption & Decryption Using Mcrypt In PHP

Mcrypt is a replacement of Unix‘s popular command crypt. It is a file encryption tool. Mcrypt uses modern algorithms for encrypting. Hence it is considered as secure and safe. To encrypt a string, Mcrypt requires a key to encrypt and decrypt. This key have a critical role in encryption and decryption. In this post I’ll be giving out two functions that will encrypt and decrypt based on a key.... [READ MORE]

How To Create A Simple Password Strength Checker In jQuery

A lot of new hacking methods are coming day by day. So it’s the programmers duty to make their user’s password secure. Here is a simple Password Strength Checker created using jQuery. The code contain a function got from WordPress (I modified it) which is the core component of the checker. This checker will check the following on the password : Have minimum value of 4 characters. Whether the username matches with password Whether the password contain small a-z characters and capital A-Z characters.... [READ MORE]


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