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Create a Simple Browser Using PyGTK, GLADE And MozEmbed

Let’s start creating softwares using Python GTK (PyGTK). Python is the easiest programming language ever and If you are coming from other Programming Languages such as PHP, Here is something that you should understand : Python doesn’t have semi-colons for closing a code. function in PHP is def in Python. Spaces from the starting of a line decides the wrapper of the code. { in PHP is : in Python. There is no closing } in Python. Since there is no closing attribute ("... [READ MORE]

Loading A Window Created Using GLADE in Python

If you have created a window using Glade and want to display this window on your Python program containing the event handlers of the Window, then you should follow this tutorial. This small code will load the Glade file and displays the window. Note : The Glade Project file format should be GtkBuilder. Now, let’s get down to the code. Create a Python file named in the folder containing the glade file and put in the following contents :... [READ MORE]



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