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New Theme : Light, Simple & Fast

As you can see, I changed the theme of this blog with a new theme. If you have visited, you can see there are similarities to it’s theme and mine. I really liked Chris Coyer’s theme and I contacted him to lend me the theme. But, no response. So, I decided that I should create my own theme. By WordPress Support forum, I found _s site. Underscores provide a starter theme for WordPress.


How To Change The Browser URL Without Refreshing Page – HTML5

This post was suggested by Sumit Kumar Pradhan. I recently saw many questions like this on Stack Overflow. Let me start explaining, there is already a function in JavaScript to do this special task. The function is window.history.replaceState. It’s a simple function that needs 3 values. This is actually a HTML5 function that came out on July 2012 (I think). All the latest browsers support the new function except IE 9. Download Demo Here is a small example of the usage of window.


Stop playback in HTML5 audio using Javascript

You may wanted to stop playback of an audio playing via audio HTML5 tag. Here is the code : document.getElementById(‘audio’).currentTime = 0;//By ID document.getElementsByTagName(‘audio’).currentTime = 0;//By Tag It’s that simple. Just use currentTime = 0.


Storing JSON object in HTML5 Local Storage : Stringify

This tutorial will help you to store JSON Object in LocalStorage. This method uses a function called stringify. Suppose we have a JSON object like this : var data = {name:’subin’,class:’8A’}; If we want to store this JSON object in Local Storage then use the function below: localStorage[‘info‘]=JSON.stringify(data); That’s it. JSON Object is now stored in your Local Storage.







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