Open : An Open Source Social Network Is Released

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I’m excited to announce that Open, the Open Source Social Network initiated by me is released. Actually it has been released on December 1st, but was undergoing many bug fixes and was making it smooth on the WWW. You can access Open @ ** **If you would like to contribute to this project, there are a few ways :

  1. Report Bugs, Issues & Suggestions (
  2. Fix errors on Source Code (
  3. Try Out Open (
  4. Share the link ( with your friends and others.

As it is an Open Source Project, there are no ads. Each contributer of this project is a developer of this project. It’s your contribution that makes Open Powerful. Let’s create the world more connective and more Open. Here is the logo of Open. If you have a better logo, please submit it.

Open Logo

Your feedback is my everything. What do you think about this project ? Please suggest out anything you have in your mind even if it is harsh.

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