Open : An Open Source Social Network

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I decided to create a new social network. I already created 3 social networks, 2 is under project and one another was online. Among the 2 under going projects is Open which I decided to make it Open Source. Hence the name, Open. It is currently available for subscribing @ which will soon be completely online. I didn’t had the time to work on it because of the **Bundles **of school projects (GOD! I hate School). The code will be available on GitHub soon. ****


Here is the current logo of Open :



The logo was created using GIMP. The font of the logo is ubuntu. It’s a very simple logo which only has 2 layers. The color of the text is #009CFF.

You can subscribe to **Open **@ . If you subscribe you will be notified when Open becomes online. The subscribers of Subin’s Blog will be automatically notified of Open.

As I go through developing Open so will the new posts. I will tell you the technics, codes used and the features on the upcoming posts. I need your feedback on this Open Source Project movement. Tell your ideas, suggestions, feedback via comments. I will reply to them If I can.

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