To keep my site up and running, there are costs. I need at least $10 for renewal of this domain. I’m a teen and my parents won’t allow to spend money on a website. So, Please consider a donation for my future WordPress plugins and the renewal of this site. Please donate.

You can send PayPal payments to subins2000[at]gmail[dot]com or to make it easier :

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Thank you very much to the following persons for supporting me by donations. 🙂


Name / BTC Address


22 June 2016 Joshua Anderson 100 USD
12 August 2015 Milton Taft 50 USD
26 February 2015 Brian Brock 30 USD
19 September 2015 Thomas Haberland 30 USD
5 January 2017 Bruce Robertson 25 USD
1 February 2017 Guidi Egnon 20 EUR
9 May 2014 Lev Lazinskiy 20 USD
20 May 2014 David Moore 20 USD
20 April 2015 Omega4 10 USD
12 September 2015 Templaty 10 USD
10 January 2016 Oscar Cosimo 10 USD
2 August 2016 Oscar Cosimo 10 USD
14 February 2017 David Clifford 10 USD
18 February 2017 Yves Monsel 5 EUR
14 June 2014 Brazil365 5 USD
1 September 2016 Sang Ho 5 USD
31 December 2016 Alexander Jankuv 5 USD
5 August 2016 Aristide Sere 4 USD
9 February 2017 José María Montabes 3 USD
8 June 2015 Piotr Mrzygłowski 1 USD
20 June 2016 18nqsaeyboch31yYyUUCKM62qyfxPmbeRF 0.001 BTC

Thank you very much guys and here are the messages they provided with the donation :

Lev Lazinskiy :

Great site, keep up the good work! Hopefully this helps cover the cost of the site for a while. :)

David Moore :

I hope this donation allows you to keep your blog going a little longer. I hope that my children grow up learning the skills you have learnt so far and as long as blogs like this exist, I'm sure they will. Good luck. David

Milton Taft :

Hi Appu, I found you on (Secure PHP Login); I loved your article "GOD Is Open Source"; and I see that you're a little devil already "Getting IP Address of Your Friend Through Chat"! ;-)

Oscar Cosimo :

Thank you for your works!! We will use your logsys class in our new php7 project on (new new php website will be released soon). Have a nice day and thank you again, you are part of my website

Brian Brock :

Your PHP login scripting is exactly what I was looking for! You are to be commended for posting this freely for others to learn from you. Hopefully this will cover your website costs for a couple of months.

Joshua Anderson :

thank you for all your hard work, patience with not just me but everyone else needing help, and your brain. great work. keep it up. -josh