Better Google Chrome History Page

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As you know, Google Chrome‘s Browser History is not efficient. It’s history is not like any other browsers. I think they made the History page in a hurry. If we want to search for a page we visited before, we won’t get it by searching on History page. That’s the main problem.
This problem was solved when a lot of users created an alternate History Page extension on Chrome Webstore.
In this post I’m gonna tell the most used History Alternate Extension. It’s Better History extension. You can download the extension from here.


  • Delete all visits for a day
  • Delete individual visits
  • Delete visits to the same domain
  • Delete all history


  • Group visits by 60, 30, or 15 minutes
  • Group visits to the same domain
  • Format hours to 12 or 24
  • Customizable grouping behavior


  • Filter visits by day


  • Search the last few months
  • Search by date, url, and page title
  • Highlighted search terms
  • Right click option to search by domain
  • Right click option to search by selected text


  • Styled with Chrome UI
  • Access from button in toolbar 
  • Remembers closing state
  • Back button support
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