What Doesn’t Work ?

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I had to write this post, because I have experienced this a lot.

When something doesn’t work especially with code, the asker won’t say the details. He/she just says it doesn’t work. Then it is the duty of mine to find what doesn’t work.

To simplify things, when you ask please explain :

  1. What doesn’t work ?

    Expected Result vs Actual Result comparison

    • Any Errors ?

      Does the compiler or interpreter (as in case of PHP) output any errors. For seeing the errors, you must first enable Error Logging. A sample of the log file would greatly help.

      • Code Samples

        Have you made any changes to the code which would result in the error ? If so, please post the code using Pastebin or Ubuntu Paste

        • Explain Clearly

          The most important thing is to explain clearly about your problem. If you don’t know English well, say in your own language and translate it using Google to English.

This post will be used as reference when queries are asked that are not able to be understood by me.

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