Lobby Version 0.7

I’m pleased to announce the release of Lobby 0.7.

Here are the changes :

  • Rewritten Core
  • More Object Oriented
  • Most global variables, functions removed
  • Auto Timezone configuration
  • UI Changes
  • Bugs fixed

With Lobby 0.7, I hope to make a more stable version from which apps can be built on stably.

From now, on each major release will be named specifically.

Next release date : 25/06/2016


Since the core was rewritten, all apps that worked in versions 0.6 and older won’t work in 0.7. All apps has been updated to work with version 0.7. So, update apps before updating Lobby.

When you update apps, it won’t work with your Lobby version.

It will only work when your Lobby installation has been updated to version 0.7