I’m Back

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It’s been 3 months since I became less active on the blog. It is because of the S.S.L.C 10th grade exams. It’s all over now and I’m really happy to get back to my blog.

In between this long period from January 2015 to March 2015, I had checked my mail sometimes and found a lot of comments asking for solutions.

Since I was busy studying and all that stuff, I never had time to reply. But, since now I have 77 days left for the school to reopen again, I’m going to reply to all those comments in ascending order according to date.

4th Year

On January 30, my blog completes its fourth year. I couldn’t post on that day, because I was busy studying and almost forgot. 😛

The total views has crossed 445,000 with unique visitors more than 315,000 and returning visits > 45,000.

All Time Statistics

All Time Statistics


I have an idea to make logSys a static class and not an object way. A lot of improvements are going to be made in all the projects I created.

Another thing is the launching of a new software which I think would be done in May 1.

I will be referring to this post for posting a late reply to comments to say that I’m sorry and thanks for waiting.

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