Add GET or POST parameters on include files in PHP


If you want to add GET parameters or POST parameters to files loading using include function in PHP then you should know the following:

It’s not possible. But it is in a different way.

If you are adding GET parameters to file name like the following, then it won’t work:

The above code won’t load the file, because PHP Include function only looks for files, it won’t send any parameters. It will search for file.php?user=subin in the directory for the case above. You can make it work in a different way.

We use $_GET and $_POST to get the parameters sent for each type. You should know that these variables are Arrays and not Strings. So you can just add a key and value to the array.

So to add the key and value just use the following code along with the include function :


The above code works with the same as $_POST. When the file.php is loaded you will get the parameters using $_GET or $_POST.