How To Change Your Country By Using Proxy in Ubuntu ?

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There are certain restrictions on some sites such as Country Restriction. Mostly there are sites just for US citizens. For Example The most 99 cent domain offers from GoDaddy is only available to US citizens. They check the country by IP Address. I’m going to tell you how to Change your Country by changing the IP address using a PROXY. This is explained to work on Ubuntu, you can also use this method in Windows & Others but in a different way.
OK. First Of All Open Terminal (CTRL + ALT + T) and do the following command :


You will get a Window Like Below :

Now, What you have to do is go to a Free Proxy Site like and get a Proxy IP and Port. You can choose the Proxy based on countries or anything else.
Click On Manual proxy configuration‘s radio button and choose Use the same proxy for all protocols. Then type in the Proxy IP address and port. Example :

Then Click on Close button. You will be asked for using the proxy completely on your system which means that the applications you install via syanptic or software-center use the Proxy mentioned. If you just want to trick a site, then ignore the dialog box. Here is an example of my IP details when my Proxy was changed :

If you have any doubts/suggestions/problems/feedback say it out in the comments, I will help you.

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